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It's time to clear out the clutter and connect with what your mind, body and spirit needs right now.

The session is tailored according to your unique needs and will last approximately one hour. We'll look at the areas of your life requiring immediate attention. It's likely we'll do a simple yet powerful healing; clear your energy; enhance your nutrition, exercise and self-care; provide intuitive insight and a fresh new perspective into your current challenges.

You'll feel energised, grounded, centred and ready for your next steps.

Are you ready to boost your energy?

'I feel encouraged and full of love and appreciation'

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This was just beautiful Claire. Many thanks of love and appreciation. It felt so gentle, full of love and so encouraging (as opposed to a direct ‘this is what you should be doing’ energy).  Yes, Yes, Yes – so much truth, direction and encouragement. You gave me the best advice I have ever heard and needed to hear right now. All of it – wonderful! Thank you Claire.
— Natalie, Channeller

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For those who want more, my 4-week 1-2-1 mentoring course replenishes and rejuvenates your Mind, Body and Spirit. We’ll take you from overwhelmed and exhausted to energised and revitalised. If you’ve been feeling as though something needs to change and you’re ready to get some help this is perfect for you. We’ll troubleshoot and get you back in control, so you can transform your life from the inside out. You’ll get unstuck and start moving confidently forwards to the life and freedom you crave.

Mind, Body Spirit is for empaths, sensitives, coaches, self-aware and passionate people who want to overcome their challenges, reconnect to themselves and be the best they can be.

Decide you are worthy of your own time, love, care and attention and take the next step.

It’s time to take a leap of faith and get the help you truly deserve.

It’s time for the Mind, Body Spirit Replenishment & Rejuvenation Course.

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I'd love to invite you to join my Kick-Ass Confidence Bootcamp: 3-days to unbreakable confidence to live your life - in YOUR way!

This online training course will help you tap into who YOU really are, into YOUR confidence and YOUR way of doing things. So you can start living life YOUR way.

And world? Watch out! She’s coming!

“Honouring yourself and your needs is not selfish. It is vital and self-full.” -Claire Elliott

Are you ready to play?



Get clarity on exactly what’s been holding you back and supercharge your confidence to do it YOUR way! This begins with a 90-minute Time Line Therapy™ intervention (Value £1000), where we’ll heal your past and remove all references (such as stored anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame) that force you to stay small and prevent you from being the real YOU. We work with your unconscious mind directly. Which is MASSIVE!

We get you unstuck and moving forwards. So, you can speak your truth and live your life, in a way that is fully aligned with your soul, and without losing yourself in the process. Exhaustion, overwhelm and frustration are simply not invited to the party.