I feel more balanced & know how attract what I really want into my biz!

I LOVE Claire. She’s calming, grounding and has lots of really useful strategies to get that balance we all crave. And to attract I want into my business. She gently challenges you, and makes you notice things that you just can’t see for yourself. You feel totally safe working with her, and really supported. Everyone needs Claire in their life and biz! She’s fabulous!
— Ruby McGuire, Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection

I feel energised, motivated and excited!


I now have a Strategy for Success!


My unhelpful patterns are gone. 

Amazing! I’m now clear of these stubborn blocks – upper limiting, self-sabotage and fears. Everything simply clicked in my mind. I now have manageable steps, feel energised, motivated and excited. New life and business – here I come! Thank you Claire!
— Debbie Thorpe, Coach
Now I have a ‘Strategy for Success’ which has a totally different energy. I love it.

I’m a coach myself but you can’t coach yourself. It’s great to have that fresh pair of eyes looking in. Claire was great at seeing what I was missing and reading between the lines. She wasn’t afraid to challenge me and gave me a great outside perspective. She helped me to ease off on myself too.

I now feel empowered and ready for my dreams. Thank you!
— Vicky Drake, Coach
Claire helped me form a new perspective, to replace my old unhelpful patterns that had been keeping me stuck. I see what I’ve been doing right and what else I can easily do to flow freely towards my goals in my life and business. I’m the one who decides I’m worthy because I am valuable and precious now!
— Simona Frumen, Coach


I got out of my own way!

Claire helped me get out of my own head and out of my own way. Claire was great at mixing a no-nonsense approach with soft yet motivational coaching. She helped me relax and let my unconscious mind do the work during my Time Line Therapy™ breakthrough session.

Claire reminded me to take care of myself and be kind afterwards - very hard to do for a lot of us women. I’m now in a space of peace and productivity. I am clear on my vision and moving faster towards it full of confidence.
— Louise Cartwright, Coach