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My readings are empowering, encouraging, truthful and down-to-earth.

  • You can ask up to 3 questions and receive messages and intuitive guidance straight in your inbox.
  • You’ll get amazing messages from the Keepers of Light, the Archangels, Angel Prayers, The Romance Angels, or Energy Oracle Cards. I currently work with 6+ Decks and will use the cards I am drawn to for you.   
  •  You’ll get the advice you need so you feel encouraged and supported.
  • You’ll gain new perspectives into situations that have been troubling you, enabling you to move forwards with confidence.
  • You’ll receive down-to-earth and practical advice so you can start making the changes you need.




I’m Claire Elliott and I’m an Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Worker and Healer.


Using a combination of energetic and scientific principles, oracle cards and intuitive guidance, I provide consistently accurate readings to clients all over the world.

I also have a Masters degree in Nutrition and Food Science, a Level 3 Personal Training Qualification and I’m a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner.  So if I intuitively feel you’ll benefit from other suggestions I’ll include those too e.g. foods that would be good to include in your diet, mindset tips and tricks you may find useful or a type of exercise I feel you may find restorative or helpful on your journey.


    Payment & Rates

    Payment is required upfront via PayPal. There are no refunds.

    All readings are GBP 25.00 for a remote email reading, sent to your inbox within 3-5 working days.

    If you would like a one-hour follow-up session after you have received your email reading, to go through your reading or support you to go deeper, it’s GBP 75.00 in total payable in advance. Please email me if you'd like to take up this option.

    I feel encouraged and full of love and appreciation.

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    This was just beautiful Claire. Many thanks of love and appreciation. It felt so gentle, full of love and so encouraging (as opposed to a direct ‘this is what you should be doing’ energy).  Yes, Yes, Yes – so much truth, direction and encouragement. You gave me the best advice I have ever heard and needed to hear right now. All of it – wonderful! Thank you Claire.
    — Natalie, Channeller

    How It Works:

    Once I have received payment, I will be in touch to arrange your intuitive oracle card reading.

    All readings take place remotely via email only and will be sent to you within 3-5 working days.

    I connect with your energy, ask questions and receive intuitive guidance on your behalf and then send you a reading via email.

    Intuitive Readings will be carried out using intuition, working with angels, guides and ascended masters (as required), 6+ decks of oracle cards and my other qualifications detailed above.

    The email reading you receive will include the following:

    • Intuitive guidance and any new perspectives relating to your unique situation.
    • Full description and photos of all oracle cards used (typically 3 oracle cards).
    • Full details of messages or insight received from Spirit.
    • Answers to up to 3 of your questions (if asked).
    • Practical advice as needed regarding ways to open the energy and allow things to evolve.

    Please note: All information gathered during a Reading is kept strictly confidential.   

     ‘If you don’t want your fortune read, but real down-to-earth advice that unfolds, Claire’s the person for you.’

    Working with Claire has been a genuine pleasure. She surprised herself but not me when she returned amazing readings with consistently accurate results. The people who received her readings could not believe she was a beginner and wanted to know how she ‘did it’. I have no hesitation in recommending her readings, clearings or coaching.  Claire’s expertise is empathy and understanding what the mind can do to the body and the spirit. She is an excellent advisor of all things energetic and has a very grounded ‘woo’ within her. If you don’t want your fortune read but real down to earth advice that unfolds, Claire’s the person for you.
    — Sheelagh Maria Wright, Clairvoyant Coach (Testimonial from my Practical Magic Practitioner Course Teacher)