How To Take Back Control Of Your Life

Everything You Need Is Already Inside.

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When it feels like everything is collapsing around you or your life is running away from you.

When you feel trapped, alone or scared.

When you don’t know which way to turn or who can help you.

It’s time to take your power back.

You are the creator of your own reality.

However, it can be very easy to slip into victim mode, thinking life happens to us, rather than being able to do anything about it.

Blaming others, making excuses or just complaining all the time.

Will you Choose Fear Or Love?

We can be the bus drivers, rather than just the passengers of our lives. We can choose the direction we go in.

It starts with the little decisions we make every day — do we choose to act out of fear or love? This is very simple, yet very powerful.

It’s time to acknowledge that you are an infinitely powerful being, made in the image and likeness of God. God works through us and has a plan for each one of us.

Everything happens because it was meant to.

We all go through a variety of experiences, good and bad in our lives. I believe everything that happens was meant to happen, even the tough or life-changing events.

It is all part of our journey, part of our learning experience and meant to help us grow and evolve beyond our self-imposed limitations.

I have learnt my biggest lessons and experienced the most amounts of growth, from my darkest and most challenging experiences.

You have all the power and resources you need to create the life you want.

It doesn’t have to be hard, constant struggle and worrying. Worrying is literally a prayer for what we don’t want, as that fearful energy is what we send out and it is then reflected back at us.

Life can be easy and flow for us when we acknowledge that we can choose what we want our lives to look like. And that everything we need is already inside. We are not ‘broken’ or ‘weak’ or ‘alone’.

We are whole and complete as we are. Life can be easy. We are all good enough, lovable and strong enough.

Everything is always working out for us.

Tony Robbins says ‘Where focus goes, energy flows’.

It’s time to start focusing on what you do want and on what you do have, rather than what you don’t.

It’s time to start asking yourself better questions, become aware of the language you use about your life and take responsibility for your own life.

· Is the way I talk to myself empowering?

· Am I self-aware?

· Is there anything I need to look at and heal in me?

· Am I repeating the same patterns?

· Am I self-sabotaging?

· Am I setting boundaries and looking after myself?

Drop Into Your Heart

It’s time to get out of the mind and drop into your heart. Go to that place deep down, the place where you know everything is going to be okay. The place where you can calm the mind chatter and really feel into what it is you truly want.

The mind is not bad, the mind is a powerful tool, yet we don’t need believe every thought we think. We learn to become the observer of our thoughts and recognise we are not our circumstances.

We acknowledge that we attract what we expect, so we can check in with our expectations in our lives and in our relationships.

We are all love.

You need to find that safe and loving space within you. As everything around us is our mirror and every single experience good or bad teaches us something about ourselves.

When we feel calm and peaceful inside, and love and approve of ourselves fully, that energy is then reflected back at us.

It doesn’t mean never getting angry — we need to feel our emotions and express them in a safe way and allow them to pass through us.

Let it Out!

Unexpressed emotions stay stuck in the body and end up causing dis-ease. It starts small though with aches and pains and tension in the body. It’s our job to feel how we really feel and look at our patterns.

What is causing the discomfort or tension? What is our body trying to tell us?

Some ways to safely release pent up emotions include journaling, hitting a pillow, screaming in the car or singing at the top of your lungs, running. Also speaking with a therapist who can guide you through your emotions and help you make sense of and process them.

Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life is a must read for anyone wanting to heal their own life, she goes into a lot of detail about how the emotions manifest in different parts of the body.

Let Go of The Old and Allow the New to Come in.

The more we can detach from our stories and our problems the more we can evolve way beyond our old stories.

We are not our past stories. We are not our circumstances, therefore we do not need to be attached to them.

When we fully accept where we are without judgement, our circumstances lose their power over us.

There is no need to self-sabotage and stay in situations we don’t want to be in. We can take charge and create new stories.

When we let go of the old, we allow new opportunities and experiences to come in for us.

Everything Starts Within

You have everything you need to become the bus driver of your life, so decide to take your power back now. It’s time to drop into your heart and start creating new stories for yourself.

You are love. You have what it takes.

You are enough just because you are.

Be bold, be brave, be you.

Take a chance on yourself. It’s time to dance with The Universe.

Remember the Universe has your back.

And Everything is always working out for you!

Love Claire x

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Heal Yourself Heal Your Life

As Within, So Without.

Heal Yourself Heal Your Life.png

Since the beginning of this year, I have made lots of changes and I'm seeing so many people around me, clearing out the old - physically, mentally and emotionally, in order to make way for the new. 

Yet lots of people are also coming up against fear and finding it hard to make necessary changes, particularly in areas they have been ignoring/avoiding dealing with until now. 

This is making it really hard to keep moving forwards as we move further into 2018.

So if you’ve been feeling stuck and trying desperately to move forwards for the longest time. Yet you’ve hardly moved.

Or if you’re stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing, doing what you think you ‘should’ do and giving all your energy away.

Or you feel like something is stopping you from making lasting changes and you can’t quite put your finger on what’s holding you back.

Know that you can take back your power and feel good again. You can start moving forwards again and take those next steps with confidence.

You just have to look in a different place to find the answers.


It's time to look within

We spend so much of our lives looking outside of ourselves for answers. We blame others, make excuses and to put it bluntly keep ourselves small and stuck repeating the same patterns.

Yet all the answers lie within us. And it’s up to us to go within and find them.


Are you ready to go deeper than you’ve ever been before?

Are you ready to look inside to find the magnificence you have always been?

Are you ready to heal yourself and heal your life?

Are you ready to be there for yourself?


You CAN do this. If you heal yourself, you can heal your life.


As within, so without. Everyone is our reflection.

It’s about giving yourself the time and space to go inside. To do your inner work. To look at your triggers and to heal what needs to be healed.

Then the world around us transforms.

It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. You must do the work, no-one else can do it for you, but you can receive the support and guidance you deserve, as you do the work.

The more you heal yourself and come back to love, the more you can heal and transform your life from the inside out.

You can transform your life from the inside out. Because as you do your inner work and healing, your own energy starts to change. You start connecting with what you really need and your vibration increases. The Universe notices your increase in physical, mental and emotional energy and reflects this back at you.

You find people who no longer resonate with you slip away. When you feel better on the inside, you start treating yourself better and so you attract more loving and nourishing experiences on the outside.

You experience more loving and fulfilling relationships; your finances improve; you get those promotions; you feel more supported; make new friends; feel closer to your family…

Yes, you will still be challenged, but you’ll be able to look inside and more easily determine why something is happening, so you can quickly learn the lesson and move onto the next one.

Inner work is something we all need help with. I always have at least one coach, therapist or mentor supporting me. And I surround myself with positive and uplifting people who really have my back.


If you want to heal yourself to heal your life this will provide you with the support you need:

Introducing my brand-new course: Heal Yourself Heal Your Life

Over this 6-week course, I help you do your inner work and connect to what is right for you and your mind, body and spirit. You can take your power back and create the life you so deserve.

We work on a 1-2-1 basis, with the first session being a 90-minute Time Line Therapy™ Breakthrough Session, where we heal your past and remove all references (such as stored anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame) that keep you small and stop you being the real YOU. We work with your unconscious mind directly, which is massive as that’s how we create lasting change.

Further weekly sessions will be 50 minutes and are tailored according to your unique needs.

Areas we can cover include: nutrition, self-care, exercise, meditation, boundaries, self-awareness, mindset, energy work (e.g. chakra clearing and re-balancing), acceptance, self-love, identifying your triggers, healing, confidence, what success means to you, speaking up for yourself in your life and creating fulfilling relationships, balancing your life, healing your body – what your body wants you to know…and more.

You’ll get access to me via email twice in between sessions (office hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).


Why can I help? Because I have been there. I have done it.

My healing journey began almost 8 years ago now. I suffered a trauma in 2010 and was diagnosed with PTSD in 2011. It was then that I really went inside and began to unpick what was really going on. I came face-to-face with my deepest fears and insecurities.

I also survived a relationship with a narcissist, where I was forced to set boundaries and love myself the most. All my doubts, hurts and fears came up to the surface to be healed and released.

It has been a long journey, with lots of challenges. With my biggest difficulties proving to be my greatest teachers, as I learnt a valuable lesson each time and came back to love. 

It’s a life-long journey. We are always working on ourselves, learning, healing and growing. Especially those of us working in the self-development field.

We all want to go to the next level of love, success, happiness, abundance and joy. And then to the next and the next!

I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and a Level Three Personal Training Qualification. I’m a Time Line Therapy™ and NLP Practitioner; and an Energy worker and Healer too. I’m also a highly sensitive person, intuitive and an empath and I’ve been there.


Everything you need is already inside

You already have everything you need to heal your life. I just help you tap back into that natural confidence and the naturally magnificent you. So that you can change your life from the inside out.

Are you ready?

Get in touch by emailing: to book a 20-minute clarity call to see if the course is right for you and to make sure we're a good fit!

I look forward to helping you heal yourself to heal your life!

Love Claire xx

Ps. If you just need a quick boost, book an Energy Boost Session (approx one-hour), where we’ll do a simple yet powerful healing; clear your energy; and enhance your nutrition, exercise and self-care. You'll feel energised, grounded, centred and ready for your next steps. Pay here and I’ll be in touch to arrange your session: . 

Why It’s Time To Start Telling Yourself The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

Honesty really is the best policy and it starts with YOU!

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What would happen if you were truly honest with yourself?

If you took the time to look objectively at each area of your life. And admitted what wasn’t working and what you needed to change?

Oftentimes, we find ourselves so busy with our daily lives, the weeks seem to fly by and we’re still stuck in the same unfulfilling jobs or relationships, we’re struggling with finances, weight, lack of energy….

We’re in the same place repeating the same patterns and habits, often blaming others, or wondering how we can change their behaviours for us to be happy.

However, everything starts on the inside. Happiness is an inside job. And as the outer world reflects our inner world. Only we hold the key to our happiness and the power to transform our lives.

By going through and no longer trying to avoid or circumnavigate our fears, we can move from a place of fear to love. And move forwards again.


It’s Time To Get Real

What would happen if you admitted how you truly felt? And you were okay with ALL of it? Meaning you dropped any judgement, accepted where you are now and loved yourself and your situation fully.

What if you identified where you need help and what you need to heal or let go of?

What would happen if you had that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off?

If you asked for help with your financial or health issues?

If you decided to find a new more fulfilling job, relationship or career?

If you asked for help with your business, children or confidence?

If you started saying ‘no’ and stopped putting everyone else before yourself?


What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

The thing is we get used to being busy and avoiding what’s really going on. We blame others or ignore the reality of the situation.

Yet this only leads to an under current of worry, stress and fear. As we tend to build things up in our minds and soon we don’t know how to tackle a situation.

However, when we do come face to face with our biggest worries, doubts or fears, they start to lose their power over us.

Ask Yourself: ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’

For example: ‘What’s the worst that could happen if I say ‘no’ the next time my friend asks me to do something I don’t want to do or don’t have time for?’

They would probably understand and might suggest an alternative time or activity. If not, is that the type of person you want to be friends with anyway?

For example: If you decided to completely change your career or leave your job or relationship. You might have others saying you’ll fail or what happens if it doesn’t work out. Well you’ll never know if you don’t try and you could always go back to your old job or find another one!

Reach out and make sure you have support in place. Speak to a trusted friend, colleague or therapist. We never have to go it alone. We are always supported. This is so important when we’re making important changes in our lives.

You tend to find that your worst fear is very unlikely to come true and you can put a plan in place to make yourself feel more comfortable and look at alternative outcomes.

When we have the courage to look our fears in the face and acknowledge what it is we’ve been trying to ignore or run from. It enables us to move from fear to love.


It’s Time to Take Action

Perhaps the most powerful question of all:

“What would you do if you were no longer afraid?”

There are often things in our lives we put off doing because we’re afraid. We might be afraid of what people might think, that we might not do a good enough job, or we might mess up. So, what!?

Asking this powerful question enables us to move beyond that fear. And oftentimes when we are brave and take action, it turns out to be so much better than we thought.

Remember to ask for support and allow yourself to receive it.

You are being guided. It’s time to trust that everything is always working out for you.

Remember to take one step at a time and tackle one thing at a time to prevent overwhelm.


Own Your Power

This works both ways, as well as being truthful with ourselves about our shadow and what we need to change and work on.

It’s also important to acknowledge how truly powerful and brilliant you are.

If you’ve been denying your own power for forever. It’s time to stop underestimating yourself and start shining your light.


Honesty With The Self Is Always The Answer

When you shine a light into the darkness and get honest with yourself about your life. It enables you to move from fear to love and transform your life from the inside out. Your happiness depends on you. Be bold, be brave and be you. Ask for support, set and reinforce your boundaries and acknowledge how infinitely powerful you already are.

So, two questions for you: 1. ‘Where do you need to be honest with yourself?’

2. ‘What would you do if you were no longer afraid?’

Let me know!

Love Claire xx

P.s. Need more help or support to be honest with yourself and make the changes you need to make? Yes! Then email me: and let's talk.

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We work with your unconscious mind directly. How big is that? MASSIVE! Because? You know it’s one thing to advise you as to what you should do to tap back into that confidence and do it YOUR way, but for you to actually do it. It takes a change on an unconscious level.  We create change just like that!!

This session is a game-changer. It will change your life. It did mine. And my clients agree. If you’re ready to change your life, email me: and let’s talk.

How to Forgive Those Who’ve Hurt You & Set Yourself Free

*Hint: Forgive Yourself First

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Most of us have been hurt or wronged at some point in our lives.

Whether you’ve been cheated on in relationships, conned, lied to, betrayed, let down or humiliated. You may have been hurt physically, emotionally or mentally, by friends, family, colleagues or strangers.

Many of us have suffered traumas, sexual abuse or violence and are part of #metoo.

What do you do when it comes to forgiveness?

Is it possible to forgive someone who’s deeply hurt you?


Stay with me a second.

It can be extremely hard to forgive people who we feel have wronged or hurt us. Often, we carry feelings of hurt, shame, guilt, sadness, anger, hate, judgement, and resentment for years.


We’re often waiting for an apology that we are never going to receive. That is no way to live!

By staying in those negative feelings we’re hurting ourselves repeatedly. We have given our power away to the person who hurt us.

We’re not okay. We’re staying in victim mode and living in the past.

Now the most powerful way to free yourself and take back your power is to forgive.

Forgive yourself first and then forgive the other person.


Yes! You heard me right - Forgive YOURSELF first!

Forgiveness does not mean that you are excusing the behaviour of the other person, it doesn’t mean they didn’t hurt you or that it was your fault.

It just means you’ve decided to take back your power and free yourself from the past.

Let it be.

A great self-healing tool for forgiveness is: Ho'oponopono . It causes a great improvement in all areas of your life.

You think of the person or situation and say to yourself over and over:’ I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.’ Really feel into it.

You are forgiving yourself for any part you played in the event, as well as healing the effect it had on you. There’s a video of Ho'oponopono here:

You may also want to try EFT or tapping.


Everyone is our reflection

Dr John Demartini also goes as far as to say if you are hurt or humiliated by someone, it’s likely you have hurt or humiliated someone else in the same or a similar way.

You’ve caused another person to feel the way you’ve felt, although it may not be immediately obvious. So, when you’re judging the person who hurt you you’re judging yourself. Be very gentle with yourself here. It's not about judging or blaming or pointing fingers. Just quietly observing.

Forgiveness and loving everything about ourselves is therefore essential. 


Look For The Blessing In Disguise

In most cases there is a blessing in disguise. For me, it took me a few years to realise it but one of the ‘worst’ experiences of my life was a huge blessing. It was the wake-up call I needed to change my life, do my inner work, and help other women.

Perhaps the 'bad' situation brought you closer to someone else, or more love came into your world or you were able to help another person?

Keep searching - if you need some help finding the blessing or opportunity let me know.


You have the Power

Remember you have the power to choose. What happened may have been awful, and I know from personal experience that suffering is tough. Yet we have the power to set ourselves free, to make peace with the past and to let it be. So that we can learn what we need to learn, grow and move on with our lives.

I believe it's about loving ourselves enough to allow ourselves to grieve and heal. When we move through the hard feelings and emotions with the help of a trusted therapist or friend we can move on with our lives.

It took me a while, but it's doing my own healing and inner work that has enabled me to be in a place where I can empathise with my clients, friends and family. Thus enabling them to take back their power and transform their own lives.

I believe that when you have been broken open, your heart has been smashed into a million pieces, your soul is crying out and you have known suffering, you're meant for more. You're meant to cry and heal and step into that higher version of yourself. The one who knows it's all part of a plan. You're here to help others and help reduce the suffering in the world.

It's not about hate it's all about love.


We are all love.

Don't let the pain and suffering make you hard, let it soften you and open you up to love, compassion and understanding.

That's how we can all help each other. Shine your light, show others it's safe to love and be loved.

Decide to forgive yourself and set yourself and the other person free. Love yourself and love them.

Love is how we will change the world.

One person at a time.

It’s time to take back your power and start living the life you deserve, free from the pain and hurt of the past.

Are you ready to forgive yourself and set yourself free?

Let me know below if you've found this useful or anything else you'd like help with right now.

Love Claire xxx

P.s. Need More Help Forgiving Yourself or Others? Email me: and let's talk.

P.p.s. Are you ready to heal your past? Talk to me about booking a Time Line TherapyTM  session. It's a super powerful tool for healing your past and removing all references that prevent you from being the real YOU. It helps break the unhelpful patterns keeping you stuck in the same cycles. We clear the ‘big five’: namely anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame.

We work with your unconscious mind directly. 

How big is that? MASSIVE! 

Because? You know it’s one thing to advise you as to what you should do to tap back into that confidence and do it YOUR way, but for you to actually do it. It takes a change on an unconscious level.  We create change just like that!!

This session is a game-changer. It will change your life. It did mine. And my clients agree.

If you’re ready to change your life, email me: and let’s talk.

7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Love Your Way To Good Health

Reflection MirrorDepositphotos_19388429_m-2015.jpg

Are you on a diet? Trying to lose weight? Feeling bad about how you look? Cutting out everything?

It’s time to try a different approach. There are so many factors that determine our weight. It’s not just about what you eat and how much you exercise. It’s about stress levels, hormones, emotions and your physical environment too.

Did you know we all have a setpoint weight?

Over fifty years of research suggests that our brain tries to maintain a relatively constant level of body fat at which we are designed to function best (Schwartz M.W., 2004).

This healthy weight our brain aims for is known as our setpoint weight.

Your setpoint weight is the weight you settle at when you just eat normally; according to your appetite; and that you return to between diets (although it gradually increases with continued dieting).

It's when you eat when hungry and stop when full. It also depends on your biology and your current life circumstances. It's a range of between 4.5-9kgs or 10-20lbs.

You can use lifestyle choices to move up and down within this range, but it's much much harder to stay outside of it. Overeating (ignoring your body's fullness signals), may lead to weight gain over and above the top of the range.

Here are 7 ways to settle your weight without crazy diets and misery:

1.       Ditch the diets and try a diet from Negative Thoughts.

Diets do not work.

Diets, in particular yo-yo dieting, put a lot of stress on your heart and you end up putting the weight back on again as soon as you stop restricting yourself.

Most of the weight you appear to lose is water (water is approximately 60% of our weight) and our weight naturally fluctuates by a few pounds/a kilo each month.

Yo-yo dieting in particular leads to your set point weight increasing, that is, you end up fatter than when you started dieting.

Instead go a diet from negative thoughts and criticism.


2.       Stop Hating How You Look and Start Loving & Approving of Yourself Instead

You’ve thought badly about yourself for a long time and it hasn’t worked.

Why not love and approve of yourself instead?

Affirmation: ‘I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.’

Say this affirmation every time you see yourself in a mirror and over and over. All day if necessary! And every time you catch yourself in negative thoughts.

The more you love and approve of yourself, the better you’ll feel and your weight will settle where it’s naturally meant to be.


3.       Swap Criticism for Encouragement and Be Your Own Best Friend

You’ve been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Why not encourage and be kind to yourself instead?

Every time you catch yourself criticising or beating yourself up, STOP and encourage yourself instead.

Especially take care when using the word ‘Should’, as it makes us feel bad about ourselves. We are human beings, perfectly imperfect and doing the best we can.

‘Should’ is very harsh. It’s usually us judging ourselves for not being a way someone else wants us to be or how we think we should be! But it’s not what’s right for us or what we really want.

Next time you find yourself being harsh towards yourself, stop and say to yourself what you would say to your best friend. It’s a great way to start being kinder to yourself and it really helps you move forwards and make positive changes towards a healthier and happier you! No self-punishment or ‘shoulds’ involved.


4.       Acknowledge Your Excess Weight Could Be due to Emotional Reasons

Louise Hay suggests excess weight may be due to ‘fear, feeling frightened, insecure or not good enough’. When we feel like this excess weight may come on for ‘protection’.

It’s therefore necessary to look deeper at the beliefs that are keeping us feeling that way and to work on changing those beliefs. Do any forgiveness work and look at any triggers and reasons for needing protection. Then work to address or heal them.

Dieting often feeds those negative beliefs and makes us feel a whole lot worse about ourselves.

Our worth is not based on a number. Know you are beautiful inside and out.

Allow yourself to really feel all your emotions, you can journal, scream into a pillow, hit a pillow, sing at the top of your lungs, just let them out in a safe way. Do consult a therapist if you need to or talk to a trusted friend or family member for more support.


5.       Clear Your Kitchen for Better Health & Your Bathroom for Better Sex

How clean and clear is your kitchen?

The cleanliness and organisation of your kitchen may reflect your weight and health. Take time to clear out your cupboards, throw away old spices and jars. Have a good clear out of your fridge too.

Make sure you have clear spaces for food preparation and that your cooker and hobs are all working properly.

Take time to declutter your wardrobe and donate to charity or give everything you no longer wear. Buy nice clothes that fit you now. Don’t torture yourself about fitting back into the jeans you used to wear 10 years ago!

And clean and clear your bathroom for better sex!


6.       Tune into what you really need

Take time to sit for a few minutes and tune into what your body really needs.

Take care of yourself and do what feels good for your body. Find activities and foods you enjoy and that nourish your body and soul.

Focus on adding in more healthy habits rather than cutting out or cutting down or restricting yourself e.g. exercising, eating more towards your five a day, relaxing, drinking more water….

There are no good or bad foods, so drop the judgment and listen to what you need.

When you feel hungry ask what type of hunger is it? Is it a real hunger, emotional hunger or is it that you’re thirsty? Get better at listening to your internal cues. It takes practise but it’s worth it.


7.       Take one step at a time and ask for help

It’s not a race, it’s a gradual process.

Remember to start where you are, with what you have and do what you can.

Trust yourself and your body. You know what you need to do.

Support yourself and ask for support too.


You’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now.

Take one step at a time towards a healthier and happier you. Drop the judgements, focus on loving and approving of yourself, feel how you really feel.

Accept everything. Drop your resistance. And know everything is always working out for your highest good.

Love Claire xxx


P.s. What is one action you're going to take towards a healthier and happier you today? Let me know below.

P.P.S. Would you like to boost your confidence so you can feel better, step into your power and live life your way? Here is my gift to help you: ‘249 Affirmations for Unbreakable Confidence & Manifesting Magic.’

Reference: Schwartz, M.W. Brain Pathways Controlling Food Intake & Body Weight. Experimental Biology & Medicine. 2004. 226, 978-81.

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