Claire Elliott BSc (Hons) MSc. Certified Practitioner NLP & TLT. 

Claire Elliott BSc (Hons) MSc. Certified Practitioner NLP & TLT. 


I was working flat out. Trying to be all things to all people and following all the rules. But it wasn’t right. I was missing something.

I burnt out. I literally fainted in the Church at my friend’s wedding. As I’d been working too hard and not listening to my inner voice.

Something had to change…

I did not want to give up. I had this voice inside saying try again, but this time have the confidence to do it your way.

I decided to transition online.

It was a steady journey. I wanted to hide and a lot of the time I did. I am a recovering perfectionist too ( I used to be frozen in inaction). But I kept on moving forwards. Including making huge investments in my own coaching.

I spent many days building my confidence back up, with the help of my wonderful coach and support network. I went on a journey even deeper inside.

I learnt to stop doubting myself. To make decisions and have confidence in them. And I dropped the: ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ ‘Do I even deserve this?’ ‘Am I good enough to do this?’

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t give up. You really CAN run a business you love and make a huge impact in a balanced way, that’s just right for you. The most important thing you need to make it happen?


The confidence to do it your way, find balance and show the real you.

Today, I love my life and I'm growing my business faster than I ever thought was humanly possible. And the best bit? I am doing it in a balanced way, that's MY WAY and it feels really good.

I am working fewer hours on my business. My relationships are amazing. Everything is flowing with absolute ease. And I oh so love it!

Working to build my confidence, manage my energies and embrace my emotions was critical in the success of my business. I also learnt it was okay to rock the boat and to honour myself and my needs. Mastering my energy and following my intuition was the key to breaking through to all the abundance, love and success I desired.

Ready to break through too?


When you work with me you'll:

  • see I'm a straight-talking mentor, who'll read between the lines to pinpoint what's not working for you. And then roll up her sleeves to get things in order.
  • feel understood as I'm very honest, upfront and truthful. I will say what you need to hear but always in a loving way.
  • form a new perspective, to replace your old unhelpful patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

I supercharge your confidence to show the real you, find balance and do it your way. I help you step fully into your power and rediscover the confidence to be true to yourself and create a life that's perfect for you.

It's that simple.

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